A/R: Farmer shot in the “Balls” over wood

A/R: Farmer shot in the “Balls” over wood

A farmer, Mr. Tafre Nakagu has been shot in his ‘balls’ by “Aboboyaa” rider in the bush over woods.

The shocking news occured at Asukese, a suburb of Ahafo Mim in the Ahafo Region on September 3, 2022.

Eye witness, Duncan Williams told that, victim has reserved a tree in his farm, which to be used to roofing his yet to be built house.

The victim on Saturday was informed by his wife that, his younger brother has cut down the tree and had hired some boys to bring the woods home via “Aboboyaa”.

He headed into the bush and saw three young men including the rider packing the woods onto the “Aboboyaa”.

In an attempt to intimidate the boys, he pulled out his gun and Cutlass which never yielded good result for him.

The three young men overpowered him and took the gun from him.

Two entangled his hands at his back and the rider shot his testicles.

The suspects have been arrested by the Mim Police while the victim is receiving treatment at the Mim Government hospital.

Eye witness, Duncan Williams




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