Doctors Will Never Tell You These Benefits Of Sperms For Ladies.

Doctors Will Never Tell You These Benefits Of Sperms For Ladies.

One of the most intimate and private acts a couple can enjoy; which may be why there’s so much mystery and misinformation surrounding it. And while indulging in this once-criticized sexual activity, it is actually a healthy part of any romantic relationship. Here are some benefits no one will tell you.

1. Anti-aging.

Are you fed up of your wrinkles and want to get rid of them? Are the anti-ageing creams not helping? If yes, move on to giving your partner a felliatio. Not just for fun but to bid farewell to your wrinkles. Semen contains a chemical called spermidine, which helps in ageing at a slower rate.

2. Improves memory.

Do you find it difficult to remember things? Do you suffer with constant memory loss and are too dependent on reminders? If your answer is a yes to any of these questions, here’s is some good news. Semen can actually help you out with your cognitive functions. Thinking how? Well, it is rich in nerve growth factor (NGF), which is significant for the growth, maintenance and survival of neurons. NGF can actually enhances the brains cognitive function and helps remembering things. Also, it is jam-packed with various nutrients like vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, etc., which are known to improve cognitive function. The little semen that may leak into the mouth can provide all these.

3. Controls blood pressure.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Reproductive Immunology, swallowing a small amount of semen can make you tolerant to proteins found in it and reduce the risk of preeclampsia (a pregnancy condition characterised by high blood pressure). The study also states that oral sex makes a woman’s pregnancy safer and more successful.

4. Relieves stress.

If you are going through a low phase or constantly feeling stressed or depressed, just hit the bed. Semen contains chemicals like oestrogen and oxytocin that are known to be the best anti-depressants and mood enhancers. This basically means that practicing oral sex can make you lively and happier.

Drink this mixture at 8pm and it will eliminate all the fat around your stomach very effectively


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