Taste of Ghana “3” Festival Launched In Accra

Taste of Ghana “3” Festival Launched In Accra

The taste of Ghana “3” Festival has been launched in the capital, Accra.

The program, according to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GIPC, Mr. Yofi Grant will sell Ghana to the diaspora.

He added that, the event will help showcasing Ghana and its culture to the foreign lands.

The 2 day even in Accra witnessed a lot participants and involvement of many dignitaries both Ghana and outside Ghana.

Yofi Grant stressed, “you are going to get the true taste of Ghana and for those of you who haven’t gone all over Ghana, we are going to bring Ghana closer to you in one place.

This is a show of a “360” degree view of Ghana. Our culture, our food, our music, our fashion, our art and the way we live and you will see some things that you don’t normally see from all the 16 Regions of Ghana”.

MR. Yofi revealed that, Ghana is a great place with many great things which need to be sold out to the world.

“This is a country in the centre of the world where naturally we expect everything to radiate from and maybe in the past things haven’t gone on well but now we think things are good.

We are going to have about the Ghanaians Diaspora but the African diaspora and this includes people of African descent everywhere”.

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