Agbogloshie Konkomba Community Calls For Peace and Unity

Agbogloshie Konkomba Community Calls For Peace and Unity

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The Konkomba Community in Agbogoshie in the Greater Accra Region has called for unity among youth of the Northern communities living in urban centres, to put communal peace and unity first on their agenda as human beings and citizens living and working in Accra, to improve their lives and support their less fortunate relatives back home in the poverty-stricken communities up North.

They are calling on all Konkomba’s in Accra and especially the Agbogbloshie yam market and all persons with such negative thoughts to stop their vile propaganda against the out-dooring of the Sub Chief.

The call comes at the back of a disturbance that occurred at the Abgobgloshie Konkomba yam market over the installation of a sub chief which according to a section of the youth, the leaders have smuggled someone into the yam market imposing him as a Sub-Chief.

The Chief and Elders of the Konkomba Community in Greater Accra in a press conference at the Konkomba Yam Market in Accra react to an earlier press engagement held by a session of the market youth.

Addressing the media, an elder of the Konkomba Yam market who doubles as the convener, Anthony Taymh described the issues raised by the youth group during a press engagement barely a week ago as spurious allegations and must be disregarded by Konkombas as well as all Yam dealers within the said market.

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