Confirmed: Reasons se_x in the afternoon is the best

Confirmed: Reasons se_x in the afternoon is the best

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When that mid-day slump hits, nothing will put a little spring in your step like some afternoon love session, since sex helps us deal with the stress of our day.

There’s a whole array of environmental, situational, and emotional happenings throughout a day that could prompt a pang of sexual desire to strike when you might least expect it. Whatever it is that might turn you on midday which could be something as simple as knocking an item off your to-do list, working out, or any other occurence that changes your emotional state the unique benefits of afternoon sex can make acting on those urges worth your while.

For some of the benefits, consider that your physical state of being during the middle of the day may be particularly geared toward an active sexual experience, thanks to higher levels of the alertness hormone (cortisol) and lower levels of sleep hormone (melatonin) than their respective levels at night.

Science, research and studies suggests 3 p.m. to be the best time of the day to have to make love and enjoy intimacy, especially for those in their twenties and early thirties. The reason being that, cortisol and other sex hormones are at their peak or maximum around this time of the day. Men have higher levels of estrogen in the afternoon, whereas women have higher levels of cortisol.

Not to mention, the simple component of added light in the daytime can be one of the benefits of afternoon sex, too. “If you’re having partnered sex, being able to see your partner in broad daylight can be a game-changer, as we often underestimate how important it is to be able to see pleasure happening.

If you usually have cuddly nighttime love sessions, you might find that you have more energy in the daytime, which can lead to trying new things and exploring new sensations.

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