For ladies: 6 questions to ask yourself before sleeping with a man

For ladies: 6 questions to ask yourself before sleeping with a man

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In today’s society, some women are afraid to enter into a relationship because they fear heartbreak, and they are right. Love or relationship is not a bed of roses, so even as a woman, one needs to think and examine before choosing a partner or accepting a man as a lover.

Before you open your legs to a man or have romantic feelings, you need to ask yourself a few questions to know if you’re doing the right thing or if you’re just wasting your time in the name of a relationship.

Here are 6 questions to ask yourself before sleeping with a man.

1. Does he really love you or does he just want to do things in the other room and dump you? Does he have future plans with you?

If he really loves you like he claims, then why can’t he just take your hands and make you his wife?

2. Are you attracted to him or are you just bored and need someone without feelings by your side? You can’t force yourself to love a man just because he’s financially balanced. The question is: do you love him?

3. If you get pregnant for him in the act, will he accept it and take full responsibility or run away from you or deny that he is not the real father of the child you are carrying?

4. Does he talk to you about marriage or the future, or are you just casual friends doing things husband and wife do? At this point you should stop wasting your time and ask where this relationship is going.

5. If you become pregnant before marriage, think of the embarrassment you will face in society and in your family, no one wants to welcome a daughter into pregnancy if she is not already married.

6. If you get pregnant and he refused and told you to have an abortion, think of the risk in doing so and how you are risking your life and your womb. So make sure he is a responsible man before having any affairs with him.

The truth is, not all men who want to get between your legs love you as a woman, you have to understand that. And it’s never a good way for a man to show you his love or affection. They are other ways to show that he really loves you instead of putting you in another room.

If he really loves you, he should prove it. A man who truly loves you will not force you to give what you are not ready to give at the moment. So take good care of yourself and your body, a man who really loves you will not force you to play naughty with him.

And always make sure to choose the right partner or man who will take responsibility and stand on his ground at the given time.

Many young girls have been denied or had early pregnancy because they were not careful or safe in choosing the right man. Many lose their lives in the name of abortion or try to hide the shame of early pregnancy from family, friends and society. So be very careful about the kind of man you spread your legs for.

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