Red Apples & Green Apples: Which is more healthy and nutritious to the body?

Red Apples & Green Apples: Which is more healthy and nutritious to the body?

Apples come in different varieties, some of them contain some important health benefits that are very good for the body. Generally apples are great but in this part of the world, the two most popular come in green and red colour. Some people prefer the green coloured apples because of the fact that they taste better most of the time while some prefer the red.

So in this article in line with a publication on Healthline, we are going to find out which of them is more nutritious and healthy to the body. Not to get me wrong though, apple is a natural fruit and as such, no matter the colour you grab hold of, it won’t cause any unhealthy changes to your body but there could be difference in the nutrition they add to the body. Just sit tight and enjoy this article while learning something new.

Which is More Nutritious to The Body?

1. Red apples have been proven to contain more anthocyanidins than every other varieties. Anthocyanidins are the pigments responsible for the varying colour of fruits such as blue, red, purple.

It also happens to be an antioxidant that boosts a person’s health and also prevents oxidative stress on the cells. Additionally, red apples contain higher levels of flavonoids, flavonols, phloridzin and much more and these compounds help in keeping the body healthy generally.

2. Green apples on the other hand have no anthocyanidins. This is evident due to the fact that they are not blue, red or purple in colour, but this doesn’t mean that green apples are without their own benefits. Research has shown that green apples have the capability of controlling a person’s body weight. So if you are obese, eating green apples may be beneficial to your body in terms of regulating your size. The reason for this weight control ability is due to the fact that green apples provide the digestive system or tract with healthy bacteria that helps in promoting faster metabolism and lower chances of getting overweight.

So it is very clear that these two varieties of apple contain very healthful benefits and anyone you are privileged to grab a hold of, consume it bearing in mind that it can’t possibly hurt you but promote your health.

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