Why A Person Suffering From Kidney Diseases Should Avoid Banana And Avocados

Why A Person Suffering From Kidney Diseases Should Avoid Banana And Avocados

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Avocados and bananas are great fruits that contain numerous benefits and nutrients that may aid the perfect functionality of the body. But this doesn’t mean they are perfect for everyone or good for everybody, there are certain health conditions that might get worse when you eat avocados or even bananas often.

In line with an article Publication on Healthline regarding foods that one should stay away from if he or she has kidney issues, I was able to derive that there is actually a health condition that doesn’t fit well with these fruits, even though they are packed with nutrients and vitamins. So In this article, we are going to have a look at why people suffering from kidney diseases should avoid bananas and avocados.

According to Healthline, kidney diseases may get worse when a person eats bananas or avocados in plentiful quantities. The reason is that these fruits contain potassium to a very good extent and this potassium is not healthy for a person suffering from kidney-related diseases because when you consume foods that contain potassium too much, you increase the level of potassium in the blood that the kidneys cannot really get rid of thus causing more problems for you.

Since the kidneys are faulty, they may not be able to push out potassium from the body effectively which can make you have excess potassium which is also harmful to the overall body system and also the kidneys. So people suffering from kidney issues are advised to significantly cut down on foods that contain potassium such as avocados and bananas for the sake of their health and the kidneys.

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