Stop Eating These 5 Food Combination If You Want To Live Long

Stop Eating These 5 Food Combination If You Want To Live Long

Most of the food mixture we often consume, and believe it’s delicious could be hurting our internal organs. Most people are victims of this including me. However, after a series of research, I discovered some mixtures can potentially kill us or cripple our immune system. Below are 5 food combinations to always avoid if you want to live long.

1. Yogurt And Fruit

This combination has been condemned by health researchers. According to results generated from the combination of food and yogurt, it was discovered that the bacteria present in yogurt act on the sugar present in fruits which results in toxins, allergies, and cold. This combination is responsible for the changes in the Intestinal Flora.

2. Banana And Milk

It’s a common thing to take a banana milkshake after hours of exercise or stress. However, this combination that been proven to be dangerous. Research shows they can hinder the digestion process and negate normal sleeping patterns alongside also forming toxins and allergies.

3. Tomato And Cucumber

Tomato and Cucumber are two good combinations with a good flavor. Although, tomatoes contain Vitamin C which is essential for the body. However, cucumber contains an enzyme that interferes with or restricts the absorption of Vitamin C. So basically, cucumber negates the work of tomatoes in the body.

4. Meat and Potato

There’s a high chance of you developing immunity if you take this combination. This is due to insufficient fiber and high saturated fat which can cause digestive problems.

5. Beans And Cheese

If you have a weak digestive system, kindly avoid combining beans and cheese. It hurts the digestive organ. This problem is related to gas and bloating which is generated by this combination. However, you can combine beans with other food, such as rice.

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