Disadvantages Of Wearing Waist Beads During Se_x

Disadvantages Of Wearing Waist Beads During Se_x

Waist beads are common body ornaments worn by women around the waist in African societies, some parts of Asia, and some Northern American countries of African descent like Haiti, Jamaica and Brazil.

Most waist beads are made of softwood, glass, and metal. While some women wear waist beads for fashion, culture and beauty, they are also worn for spiritual purposes. There’s no doubt most men find women who wear waist beads attractive. However there are some disadvantages of wearing them during lovemaking.

Waist beads are made of different materials, such as wood, gemstones, coloured glass and metal. And all skin types react differently. While some people might be comfortable wearing them, others might react to the materials they are made of. Due to constant rubbing of the skin against each other during intercourse, beads on the skin sometimes causes blisters around the waist lines and hips. This could cause skin irritations and can lead to sore and open wounds on the skin.

Also, during a vigorous love session in the bedroom, beads can get broken bead in the string which could pierce the skin on the waist and leads to wounding. Especially, when not properly worn or if it’s tightened around the waist.

Finally, when waist beads are worn over a long period of time, they become carriers of pathogens. Without being changed, they can harbour sweat and dirt, and these will lead to the ingrowth of bacteria. These bacteria having contact with the skin cause infections. Common skin infections that can be gotten from this are eczema, rashes, infected blister and scabies.

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