7 Things Only Men In Love Do: If He Does #4 Marry Him

7 Things Only Men In Love Do: If He Does #4 Marry Him

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Understanding people and relationships can be quite a challenge sometimes. It might seem from the outside that everything is perfectly fine, but you never know what really goes on behind closed doors.

The situation can of course be the other way around a couple, who is fighting all the time may actually use this as a foreplay and get along very well. It is normal, that reading other’s relationships is very difficult, but sometimes understanding your own one can be even more impossible.

So how to really know, if the man you are with is truly in love with you? Well, you must watch and listen closely, because there are seven signs, that show if he is really in love and wants a future with you.

1. HE SPENDS TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY. If he is serious about the relationship, he wants to get to know your close ones as well. It is a dangerous sign, if he tries to avoid meeting the parents at all times. Of course this step should not be rushed, but when you have been together for a while, it is only normal to meet the family. Showing interest in family means that he wants to spend his future with you, because otherwise it would not be reasonable to invest time and energy to getting to know them.

2. HE TRUSTS YOUR FASHION ADVICE. This small sign also means, that he cares what you think of him. He wants to look good and attractive to you. When he does not care at all what you think, it might mean that he does not care about the relationship as well. But let him ask for your advice first, do not rush to choosing his outfits for him nor telling him what he has to wear. This is a huge turn off for men.

3. HE LIKES TO DO BORING STUFF WITH YOU. This means like running errands and doing boring but necessary things together. When he is serious about you, he wants to spend as much time as possible with you and does not mind doing not exciting things as well. It is a bad sign, if he only has time for you on Friday nights or Saturday afternoons for fun dates and parties, because you want someone, who you can count on and who stands by your side through boring things as well.

4. HE TRIES TO MAKE THINGS BETTER AROUND THE HOUSE. Why would he do that, if he wasn’t really-really in love with you? He shows his affection with making things easier and better for you. It can be fixing the sink, a broken table or helping with the cleaning around the house.All those small things show that he is in it for the long run.

5. HE COOKS FOR YOU. This shows commitment and love as well. He wants to impress you and make you feel special. Of course it is always easier to just order food or go out to eat, but then there is no secret ingredient (called love) in the food. So appreciate his effort, even when the food is not the best – at least he tries. And next time you can cook together and make a fun date out of it.

6. HE PLANS SURPRISES FOR YOU. When he takes you to a spontaneous weekend trip or a Saturday night date, it means he truly loves you and wants to show it to you as well. His mission is to make you happy and this makes him happy as well. He makes these efforts to create meaningful memories together and make the relationship even stronger.

7. HE LISTENS. One thing is hearing someone speak, the other things is to listen. When he truly cares about you, he listens carefully. He wants to know all the little details and thoughts you have in your head. He gives you his full attention, because you are the girl of his dreams. Do not take this for granted and engage in his stories as well. This way you create a safe and loving environment, where you can have passionate conversations and both want to share your ideas and thoughts with each other. These seven signs help you to identify, if your man is being serious about you or if he just wants to have fun. Of course every person has its own way of showing love and affection and it is important to notice these signs and understand their meaning. Keep in mind to show your love as well, because otherwise he might feel that you are not really into him.

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