7 Mistakes We Should Stop Doing While Charging Our Smart Phone

7 Mistakes We Should Stop Doing While Charging Our Smart Phone

There are some mistakes people make when charging their smartphones. Some could be risky to our health. Why others might drain your phone’s battery life.

So if you make any of these common mistakes while charging your phone, it’s best to stop so you don’t damage your phone.

Here are 7 mistakes you should stop making when charging your phone.

1. Playing Game While Charging

Some teenagers and people fall under this category as charging and playing games for teenagers is now very common. However, such a habit is not good for your phone because it generates a lot of heat and that is not good for your phone. In some cases, such a phone can be damaged due to heat and pressure on the phone. Charging and playing games is not a good habit for your phone life.

2. Don’t charge your phone overnight.


Some people have a habit of charging their phone overnight, and there are some phones that don’t have the power to stop themselves from charging when they reach their limit.

Charging your phone overnight or for many hours can cause overheating and affect your smartphone’s battery life.

3. Using a low-standard charger or low-voltage power supply.

Charging your phone with low currents, power banks, laptops is wrong. Such things are only for emergencies and not for constantly charging your phone or using them as a normal source while charging. It is good to use a high voltage light supply so that your phone charges faster and has a strong battery life, something that can charge your phone with high voltage.

Because of this, some people’s batteries run out or run low when they use laptops, power banks, or fake chargers to charge their phones. This is because these items don’t have much current or voltage to charge your phone like regular electricity does. Instead, it will drain your phone’s battery.

4. Avoid continuous charging.

Most of the time, we Africans have a habit of charging our phones until there is a power shortage. We don’t care how long the light stays on, we keep charging until it’s off. And such things will only damage your phone’s battery if you charge it for too long.

The battery also needs to rest. It’s better to disconnect your phone when it reaches 98%. No need to wait to 100% and keep charging.

5. Do not leave your phone in its case while charging.

Learn how to remove your phone case or cover before charging. Because with a phone case, your phone will get warm or even increase the temperature of the phone while charging, which may cause damage. Release the phone to allow air to enter while charging.

6. Listening to music with an earphone while charging.

Charging your smartphone and listening to music through headphones is very risky. Something like that can damage your brain because of a lot of radiation. On the other hand, there is a risk of electric shock.

Likewise, it could be dangerous to use your headphones while they’re charging, as electricity is easily conducted from the outlet to the headphones, especially if your charging connector was defective. Many people have lost their lives due to such error, so it is best to avoid it at all costs.

7. Never sleep next to your charging phone.

Falling asleep with your phone under your pillow or on your bed is very risky and you risk catching an electrical fire or even being killed by your phone.

Do you remember the cell phone battery explosions of the last few years? Reason enough to keep your smartphone at a safe distance while you sleep. Recent reports suggest that simply charging your phone overnight can cause it to overheat.

Therefore, it is best to keep your phone away from your body or bed while it is charging. Never take the risk of charging your phone on the bed and sleeping in, it could be very risky.

Thank you for reading.

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