6 Benefits of Natural Medicine Versus Orthodox Medicine

6 Benefits of Natural Medicine Versus Orthodox Medicine

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I find that when I discuss the misconceptions surrounding the natural medicine industry, people are quick to ask, “Well, how’s natural medicine better when compared to orthodox medicine?”

The only way to begin is by breaking down the meaning of natural medicine and orthodox medicine.

Natural medicine incorporates the healing power of nature and non-invasive therapeutic techniques to heal your symptoms and underlying conditions. Orthodox medicine, on the other hand, refers to the mainstream model of medicine where doctors and other healthcare professionals treat people based on their symptoms and diseases.

Do you know natural medicine has been used for more than 10,000 years while modern medicine is only a few hundred years old? It is no surprise natural medicine has its benefits when compared to orthodox medicine.

1. Natural medicine is less invasive than orthodox medicine.

Forget needing to have foreign objects inserted into your body to relieve your symptoms, or having to take medications with chemicals that do not belong in your body. Natural medicine only uses ingredients found in nature and ingredients that are naturally made in your body to heal you.

Remedial massage, which also works hand-in-hand with natural medicine, also uses non-invasive techniques to provide relief from acute pain and chronic pain, improve body functions, and stimulates your body’s healing process.

2. Natural medicine invokes the healing power of the body; orthodox medicine does not.

The ingredients in natural medicines are naturally made and regularly produced by your body. By using natural medicines, you do not only enhance your body’s natural healing process and treat your illness; you also strengthen your immune system!

Having a strong and healthy immune system means your body is protected from infection and sickness and can easily fight it.

3. Natural medicine has fewer side effects than orthodox medicine.

Orthodox medicines are known for their harsh and harmful side effects.

Most people are not aware of the side effects that might come with the medications they are using. This is often due to a lack of education from their medical practitioner and at times, their pharmacist.

Sometimes, the only information they might receive about their medication is on a medicine information sheet, which is not often discussed with them.

Since natural medicine is made from natural ingredients that can also be naturally produced by our bodies, they do not have any harmful chemicals that can throw your body out of balance.

4. Natural medicine is not a symptom suppressant, orthodox medicine is a symptom suppressant.

Orthodox medicines are symptom suppressants. They do not treat the underlying cause of your illness. Instead, they suppress your symptoms.

Here’s the thing: even though your symptoms have been suppressed, your illness still exists.

If your medication stops working, your symptoms can come back worse than before. This starts a new and repetitive cycle of starting and trying new medications to help suppress your original symptoms. Keep in mind these new medications can come with more side effects of their own.

Natural medicine is not a symptom suppressant. One of the principles surrounding natural medicine is finding and treating the underlying cause of your illness. At East West Natural Medicine Group, we do this through pathology tests. By basing our treatments on pathology tests, we can treat the underlying cause of your illness instead of just masking your symptoms.

5. Natural medicine focuses on your entire body for healing, orthodox medicine only focuses on your symptoms.

In the orthodox medicine model, you see your practitioner for fifteen or so minutes to discuss your symptoms. After that, you are given a medicine prescription to mask those symptoms. Your entire body is not examined for answers as to why your symptoms are happening.

As a Natural Medicine Practitioner, I treat you as a person, not just your symptoms. I believe every symptom is an external indication of an internal imbalance due to any combination of physical, mental, or emotional causes. This means that I focus on your entire body for healing. This includes your emotional, mental, and physical health.

6. Unlike orthodox medicine, natural medicine empowers you to take control of your health.

Orthodox medicine is not empowering. The disconnect and impersonal relationship between Orthodox Medicine Practitioners and their patients does not leave room for empowerment.

Natural medicine empowers you to take control of your health.

As well as treating you, I am passionate about educating you and empowering you with tips and advice to manage your health. During our consultations, I discuss multiple aspects of your health with you to create an individual, effective, and evidence-based treatment plan based on pathology tests.

I offer you lifestyle advice to promote your optimal health and to help you eliminate stress as much as you can. I also look after your emotional well-being because I understand that the secret to good health is the balance between the physical, mental, and emotive parts of your body.

Prevention is better than cure and we also focus on your overall health, wellness, and disease prevention.

Have you spent years seeing a healthcare professional about your condition without receiving relief? There is more to medicine than the orthodox medicine model. At East West Natural Medicine Group, we offer a natural treatment approach based on your pathology tests. Give us a call today at 1300 00 WELL (9355) to have a chat and book your appointment.


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