Galamsey Effect: Samatex Company To Lay Off Over 2000 Ghanaian Employees

Galamsey Effect: Samatex Company To Lay Off Over 2000 Ghanaian Employees

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Due to Illegal mining (Galamsey) activities effects on Samatex Company, over 2000 workers are on the verge of losing their jobs as Employees of the company.

The Sewfi Samraboi Concerned Youth Association are calling on government to help curb the uncontrolled mining activities of some unscrupulous galamsey miners who for their selfish interest are destroying forest reserves in the Sewfi Samraboi.

According to the Youth, the activities of the galamsey operators are destroying water bodies and plantation farms particularly cocoa farms and if care is not taking majority of the youth in the area will be left with no job.

According to the report issued by the Concern Sameraboi Youth Association dated 14th, August,2022 mining activities in the Wassa Amenfi West District, has stretched into forest reserves and plantations manage by the Samatex Timber and plywood Co.Ltd.

The report stated that, the Concern people of Sameraboi and its ajoining communities are showing concern as stakeholders of the company to call on government to act swiftly to curb the activities of galamsey in the area.

” As stakeholders we must all come together to combat this menace orchestrated by a few individuals due to their own parochial interest, claiming to have legal permit to mine in the forest reserves.” It stated.

As maintained by the press release,the Samatex Timber and plywood Co.Ltd. employed about 2500 people of Wassa Amenfi West District and serves as a training ground for engineers and skilled personnel through it free- fee NVTI certified apprenticeship program.

However, according to the Youths if care is not taking, Samatex company wouldn’t be able to render it services to the people of Wassa Amenfi West District because its resources are being tempered upon by galamsey activities and if that happens majority of the youths will be left with no job.

For this reason,the people of Wassa Amenfi West and Awoin are calling on government and the anti galamsey task force to take immediate action to curb this canker.

In an engagement with some of the indigens in the area, they disclosed that they have become very much concern about galamsey activities in the area because it is destroying water bodies, cocoa farms , River banks and reserves in the Samraboi and hence it should be a matter of national concern.

They disclosed that what worries them most is that concession for Samatex such as Tano Nimre forest reserves, compartment 161, French River and Nueng South River which are all under Samatex concession are being encroached on by the galamsey miners.


The Company also revealed that, once the resources they depend on are destroy, the company will be forced to cut down expenditure and this will result in cutting down overhead cost of hospital building, laying off some of the workers among others

On this note the Youths of Wassa and Awoin as a Major beneficiaries of Samatex will not sit unconcerned for these unimaginable steps to be taken by Samatex and are therefore calling on government of Ghana to intervene and take immediate action.

Contacts below of the leaders below.




Report By: Ahmed Kwame Boadum

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