Dombo Research Team Fumes Over Hopeson’s Comment

Dombo Research Team Fumes Over Hopeson’s Comment

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The Research Team Want Hopeson Adorye to Retract His Comment Against Northerners.

A research team, named ‘Dombo Research Team’, of the New Patriotic Party, led by Alberto Dombo, a grandson of S.D Dombo, has reacted to the unfortunate comment made by Hopeson Adorye to retract it.

A comment made by Hopeson Adorye alleged that Northerners in the NPP are to be selected for running mates as a tradition of the party.

According to the researchers, the tribal comment was unfortunate and kindly urging Hopeson Adorye to retract his statement accordingly, adding that such political campaign statements will not be tolerated in the party as it had reached this far.

Addressing concerns about Hopeson Adorye’s statement in an exclusive interview on Anidaso Fm news at 3pm the research team leader reiterated that the NPP have reputable records with respected tradition, therefore urging its members to conduct civil and clean comments during campaigns.

Dombo opined that, in his expectation from an influential person as Hopeson Adorye, he should not have made such tribal statement but rather should have preached about unity and peace, urging that any member of the party can support any candidate base on competence levels, therefore he should not undermine anyone in the party ethnocentrically.

“I’ll make this clear as a true grandson of S.D. Dombo that the NPP cannot and can never undermine any northerner’s integrity in the party, or make northerners in NPP inferior. I have ideally lost respect for Hopeson Adorye on his statement. The NPP is made of three dimensions; Danquah, Busia and Dombo tradition”, he bemoaned.

“We the Dombo Research Team therefore issuing a warning to Hopeson Adorye to retract his statement accordingly to abate divisions in the party, else an action of demonstration will go against him”, he added.

For more insight, contact Mr. Dombo Alberto (Leader, Dombo Research Team and NPP National Communications Team Member) on 0552932063.

Report By: Ahmed Kwame Boadum

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