Bodaa Rural Clinic In Dire Need of Maternity Ward, Midwife and Clinical Equipments

Bodaa Rural Clinic in Dire Need of Maternity Ward, Midwife and Clinical Equipments

Healthcare delivery system in Ghana is bedeviled with so many challenges and this has attracted so many discussions from both the practitioners and the politicians, yet the canker still remains the same.

The inhabitants of Bodaa, a suburb of Drobo, in the Jaman South Municipality are facing serious challenges with regards to their healthcare delivery system.

The only Rural Clinic in the area which services about 2000 inhabitants can’t boast of any hospital equipment which will enable the nurses deliver proper health care services to the good people of Bodaa and its adjoining communities.

Towns such as Adiokor No: I, Kofitiakrom, Biama and some ivorian citizens who are close to Bodaa all depend on the same facility.

In an exclusive interview with Madam Ruth Asare who is in charge of the Bodaa Rural Clinic, she disclosed that the facility is facing a lot of problems which includes; No maternity ward to help pregnant women to deliver.

According to her, majority of the pregnant women had to travel for about 2km on motorcycle to the next town before they can access maternity services.

She added that, there are also an instances where pregnant women deliver in their homes because the facility can’t provide maternity services due to absence of maternity ward and and a midwife.

Not only that, the facility is in dilapidated state because since its construction there had not been any renovation, given the facility substandard to provide healthcare delivery.

The roof and the ceilings of the facility are all in poor State which needs urgent renovation.

The Assembly member for the Bodaa Electoral Area in the person of Hon. Asi Kwame Augustine also expressed his disgust about the poor State of the facility.

According to him, he has written several petitions to the Municipal Chief Executive and Hon. MP but all proved futile.

He also added that, the community through it own initiative started four unit maternity block which has gotten to lentil level but due to inadequate funds the facility still remains uncompleted.

In his last submission, Hon. Asi Augustine made a call to the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Andrews Bediako and Member of Parliament for Jaman South, Hon Williams Okofo Dateh to as a matter of urgency help refurbish the facility with enough hospital equipment.

He also called on other philanthropists and NGOs to come to their aid because a lot of people and pregnant women are dying during child birth due to absence of maternity ward and good hospital equipment.

Notwithstanding, some of the patients who visited the facility for healthcare also expressed their ordeal when they are about to deliver and finally urged the authorities to assist them in uplifting the facility.



Hon. Asi kwame Augustine- Assembly member(0243225674)

Mad. Ruth Asare
In-charge (Bodaa Rural Clinic)

Reporter: Ahmed Kwame Boadum 0549335977

Source: Ahmed Kwame Boadum(Anidaso FM)

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