“Show Leadership In The ECG-Krobo Impasse” – President Akuffo Addo told

Press release: Eastern Region NDC

“Show Leadership In The ECG-Krobo Impasse” – President Akuffo Addo told

Press release

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Eastern Region NDC

The Eastern Regional Secretariat of the National Democratic Congress has become aware of the ill-treatment that has been meted out to the good people of Lower Manya Krobo, and Yilo Krobo for the past 2 weeks and would like to express our revulsion on same.

For the avoidance of doubt, a brief history to this debacle should be told. The people of Lower Manya Krobo and Yilo Krobo were falsely billed by the Electricity Company of Ghana.

This over-billing elicited peaceful protests from the indigenes but later escalated and resulted to the demise of one person and left many injured. Unfortunately, three out of the injured lots joined their ancestors later.

The over-billing was acceded by the authorities of Electricity Company of Ghana and without rectification, they proceeded to a military-led issuance of prepaid meters with five (5) years grace period to offset the false bill.

Indeed, this wickedness from the ECG to the people within these two (2) constituencies wasn’t welcomed, it bursts their waters, and they demanded explanation. The kindest thing the ECG could do to these good people of Ghana was to deprive them of light for a fortnight.

The ice water seller, cold store runner, barber, printing press owner et al had to halt their business for such wicked reason.

Similarly, essential services from Hospitals have been heavily impaired as many of the health facilities have to switch between having alternate power only for emergencies and the rest of the work period without electricity. This is gradually degenerating into a state of insecurity.

The Eastern Regional Secretariat of the National Democratic Congress observes sadly the dismissiveness and the abuse of power from both ECG and the Ministry of Energy on the helpless people of Lower Manya Krobo and Yilo Krobo.

The inadequacies and ineptitudes of leadership are the causative agents of this quagmire and the sad death of once four vibrant Ghanaians.

The effects of this debacle must solely be on the heads of Electricity Company of Ghana and the Energy Ministry; they were, and have been insensitive to the genuine complaints of the people and as conventional of this regime, rebutted with harshness.

As the biggest opposition political party, we wish to state and to demand from ECG and the Ministry of Energy the following:

First, the people of Krobo land are not violent as the government has painted them to the outside world. They are a peace loving folks who infest this virtue in others.

They do not resist change and peradventure, details of the conversion of postpaid to prepaid has not been well explained to them.

It is therefore only prudent of the bodies in charge of electricity to engage various stakeholders of the Krobo land, to explicitly inform them the rationale behind the decision from the postpaid to prepaid. This will calm nerves.

In addition , just like any purchaser or service user, the people of Krobo land want to enjoy value for money spent.

They would not want to spend more than the actual value of services and has perennially raised the issue of over-billing but their complaints have fallen on rocky ears. The issue of over-billing must be taken into consideration and quickly resolved and power immediately restored to prevent further unpleasant circumstances.

Furthermore, the top hierarchy of both the Electricity Company of Ghana and Ministry of Energy must be conscious of life for once and render an unqualified apology to the people of Kroboland and the families of the deceased people.

The loss of a life in such horrendous manner will create an indelible memory in the hearts of loved ones and the community, and an apology from the top-tier of leadership from ECG, the Ministry of Energy, and the Ghana Police Service will at least, elicit relief.

The presence of the military in the zone insinuates the people of Krobo land are resistant to change, and undoubtedly, contributed to the destabilization witnessed in the past weeks. Hence, withdrawal of the military will ease tension. People fear to come out to have normal lives because of the military in the absence of a formal curfew.

The people of Kroboland want their normal lives reinstated and their lives protected. They cannot fear the same people who swore oath to protect them!

Signed: Darlas Ampomah Williams
Regional Communication Officer, NDC

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Source: Emmanuel Adjetey (Power FM)

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