Bizarre: FISH rains from the Sky in India(PHOTOS)

Bizarre: FISH rains from the Sky in India(PHOTOS)

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One bystander described what he saw as “unique” after the marine life dropped down from above.

Stunned locals were seen tending to the fish in India’s state of Telangana.

The strange phenomenon is a result of the country’s monsoon season.

Images shows several fish wriggling on the ground as local residents in the state of Telangana continue to by soaked by heavy rain.

The area has experienced heavy rainfall and flooding in recent weeks after a red alert was issued across 12 districts for five days.

National highways have been waterlogged, causing problems for emergency services attempting to reach ravaged villages and towns.

Last weekend, onlookers were shocked by the aftermath of a severe downpour as fish littered the roads and streets, apb reported.

One witness, sharing a video to Twitter, wrote: “Amid heavy rainfall in Telangana, people of Jagtial town witnessed something unique.

“People of Sai Nagar in Jagtial town woke up to a surprise on both Friday and Saturday as they found fish ‘rain’ from the sky.”

He added: “Raining fish is a rare weather phenomenon called as “rain of animals” which happens when small water animals such as frogs, crabs, and small fish are swept into water spouts.”

India is at the height of its monsoon season, which has already claimed the lives of at least two villagers, according to officials.

Dams have reportedly been opened in some places to ease the pressure on towns amid fears that further rainfall could be on its way.

Amit Prakash Yadav, Regional Commissioner of Municipalities, said: “Keeping in mind the increasing water levels & security, the national highway from Ahmedabad to Mumbai has been shut.

“We’ll open the highway as soon as the water level comes down.”

In 2020, floods caused devastating scenes across India’s famous tea-making province of Assam and neighbouring Nepal – leaving more than four million homeless.

Monsoons – or rainy season – in the region normally lasts from June to September and recedes at the beginning of October.

Heavy rainfall left the fish sprawled across streets and roadsCredit: Twitter

A local witness described the sight as ‘unique’.


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