Kpemka: Officials have relaxed in blocking revenue loopholes

The former government official Joseph Kpemka says some duty bearers are not helping to plug revenue loopholes due to their personal interest

Kpemka: Officials have relaxed in blocking revenue loopholes

The former Deputy attorney general, Joseph Dindiok Kpemka has expressed worry over lack of effort on the part of duty bearers in plugging revenue loopholes in Ghana.

Talking to Kwaku Agyeman-Budu on Asaase 99.5 Accra’s news analysis and current affairs programme, The Forum, on Saturday (30 July), Kpemka said some duty bearers are benefiting from the current situation so they are relaxed in dealing with it.

“The revenue leakage in this country is terribly bad,” Kpemka said. “There are situations in this country where in some circumstances we should have been taking a US$100 million, but we only end up collecting US$2 million, and the rest goes into private pockets.”

Action time

“I made effort to reach a certain high level official, but I never got access. I was blocked. Some of them even saw me as a joke,” Kpemka said.

“Revenue is going down and we can plug the loopholes, but we are not taking action to plug the loopholes because some people are benefiting from it.

“We know the loopholes, but it appears we’re relaxed. We’re not taking enough actions to block them. Per what I’ve seen on paper, we have what it takes to raise the needed revenue to run this country,” he said.


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