Two Ghanaian pilgrims die in Saudi Arabia

Two Ghanaian pilgrims die in Saudi Arabia

The announcement of the deceased pilgrims was revealed during the arrival of the last batch of pilgrims who participated in this year’s hajj in Saudi Arabia.

Hamza Farouk, the director of finance for the Ghana Hajj Board, has said two Ghanaian pilgrims died in Saudi Arabia this year.

The two were part of the 3069 pilgrims who participated in this year’s Hajj.

Farouk said the two- a male and female died of natural causes while embarking on the Hajj in Mecca.

Addressing the media in Accra, Farouk said, “We started the preparation barely six weeks to the Hajj. This is an exercise that normally takes six months. So at some point people felt it wasn’t going to be possible, there were doubts in the minds of so many people but Insha Allah it’s been successful.”

“We have managed to go with our entire quota of 3069 pilgrims. Everybody except two pilgrims is back home safely. And the first schedules were kept as planned. They both died of natural causes; the male and female, they both died of natural causes.”

Hamza Farouk also said refunds would be made to those who could not make it to the Hajj.

“… indeed we left behind about a hundred or so pilgrims and we have put in place measures to refund their monies fully.”

He added: “We are using this opportunity to ask all pilgrims who may have paid to us and for one or two reasons couldn’t make it to put in their application for refund as soon as possible. We have a window of about one week to process all these applications supported by necessary documents or evidence of payment.”


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