Social media users react to mid-year budget review

Social media users react to mid-year budget review

The Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta presented the mid-year budget to Parliament for approval on Monday, July 25.

Among other things, he gave updates on the state of the economy and what the government is doing to revive the economy. He also provided updates on programmes like NABCo, YouStart, Agenda 111 and many others.

The Finance Minister also revealed that government will toll all new roads constructed under concession agreements between the Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund (GIIF) and the Roads and Highways Ministry.

The general public has been reacting to the news. Here are some reactions:

Tollbooth collection is back, doesn’t it mean that the E -Levy will be scrapped ?🥺

— Abdul Rahman Medal Abubakar (@MedalRaman) July 25, 2022

That all new roads being constructed will be tolled is a great idea. May I add that it should be e-tolls please. No able man should sit in the box and say he/she is a ticket officer. #MidYearBudgetReview

— KosiDAttipoe (@kosiAttipoe) July 25, 2022

🤣😂🤣 if they use one wheelbarrow of stones they will tag it as a new road so you will pay a toll.

Soon you can pay to drive out of your own house in Ghana.

#MidYearBudgetReview https://t.co/f8fEGgYGhb


— YKGH (@YouKnowGhana) July 25, 2022

Tolls coming back means more traffic is about to hit town. #MidYearBudgetReview


— Sweet Israel (@SweetIsrael_) July 25, 2022

😂Now de3 they going to the IMF to be bailed out of their failure is now termed as “the modern economy”. But on a more serious note, who taught Ken Ofori-Atta Economics and Finance anaaa he naaa na he isn’t good enough. #MidYearBudgetReview


— aqcosua* (@aqcosua) July 25, 2022

The tollbooths are back😂😂


Once again Akufo-Addo is showing us why he is the GOAT#MidYearBudgetReview



— *Mr. Joel Eshun* (@JOELESHUN4) July 25, 2022

Road tolls collection structure has not been the best.

It’s not mutually exhaustive since some road users will not contribute directly to the fund.

If i drive between Kasoa overhead to Ofaakor, Kasoa to Winneba Junction, etc. I will not be affected. #MidYearBudgetReview


— ofosu eric (@ofosu_Godfigure) July 25, 2022

Government to resume toll collection on new roads under GIIF-led PPP concession agreement. 😬




— KOB!NA OCRAN 🇬🇭 (@Kobinaocrangh) July 25, 2022

Mission Accomplished ✅ thank you all for remembering me #MidYearBudgetReview 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/fBN6WFIcaz



— Trulex (@nana_sakyigh) July 25, 2022

After hearing the finance minister speak,its obvious to me that IMF is being brought in to enforce revenue mobilization since the minority won’t allow it #MidYearBudgetReview pic.twitter.com/aAHGxf3h2E


— francis (@iamdziek) July 25, 2022

My prayer be say make God forgive African leaders especially Ghana#MidYearBudgetReview


— YawBahd🇺🇸 (@GyamfiBahd) July 25, 2022

“I feel used and dumped by the Akufo Addo gov’t” says #NABCO gentleman used to propaganda during elections. #MidYearBudgetReview #KenOforiAtta #JoySMS pic.twitter.com/RM8JKh6HPa


— Dr Simon Batamya Aseno (@majoraseno) July 25, 2022

Your Finance minister says, IMF came into the country for their own observation. They didn’t invite them.

Can you believe this, 6 yes on and we still blame the previous government. #MidYearBudgetReview


— Bayla Boy (@kbilien) July 25, 2022

Tollbooth back pic.twitter.com/mJuj08eGpB


— Gideon (@Dejoh36) July 25, 2022

Same person wei jei tollbooth sake of traffic



— Soribo Ilyas (@SoriboIlyas) July 25, 2022

U still go pay 😅


— Kelvin Grey👑 (@wizboi_sowah) July 25, 2022

I like this one

We have demonstrated that we can transform this economy when we all come together and put our hearts and minds to it – Ken Ofori-Atta #MidYearBudgetReview


— I AM MAQICFINGERS (@princeofori2010) July 25, 2022

Free SHS stays, improvement incoming.

More roads to be completed next year.

More Hospitals to be completed and commissioned next year.

Incentives for factories to do more.

E #MidYearBudgetReview



— IT REACHES TO THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN (@yourMPgabbi) July 25, 2022

Very confused!


— Point Of Correction 📑 (@SIRRock11) July 25, 2022

Na Ghana card we go fi chop sleep? Ade3n aa 15.7 million Ghana cards, masa tell am say he should use that 15million prepare soup and kenkey to celebrate his failed economy and IMF plans. #MidYearBudgetReview


— aqcosua* (@aqcosua) July 25, 2022

How can you be preaching patriotism when it’s clear its just about you and your personal interest and not the collective good.




— Noël✨💫 (@NoelDomah) July 25, 2022

The toll islands bar one are all still intact


— Capo (@yussif_samed) July 25, 2022

No wonder youkeep on borrowing to pay public wages and struggle to service gargantuan debt?

No animal on the surface of earth can grow fatter that its hide. #MidYearBudgetReview


— Sumish (@KofiSumish) July 25, 2022

Now playing Kuami Eugene- confusion 🔥🔥



— Fredrick Kofi Deladem Dro (@fluud_1) July 25, 2022

U still go pay 😅


— Kelvin Grey👑 (@wizboi_sowah) July 25, 2022

“Prepared 1000s of them for the world of work” NABCO?? 🤔🤔🤔


Eiii Koo Fori I!!!! #MidYearBudgetReview


— Bretuoba kweku👁 (@Koo_psamy) July 25, 2022

Sika b3n na metete no eiii #MidYearBudgetReview


— Bibi Nii (@bibiniiiy3nipa) July 25, 2022


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