“Disturbing as good samaritan stoned in Ghana”(VIDEO)

“Disturbing as good samaritan stoned in Ghana”(VIDEO)

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A disturbing video circulating online and watched by Filasconews.com shows how a good Samaritan was hit by a stone from the same person he was protecting.

A woman and her husband engaged in a serious grudge somewhere in Ghana and the man heavily punching the woman in the midst of many bystanders.

A young man, in his early 30s who could not bear the pains the woman was going through under the hands of the man stepped in to separate the fight.

Unfortunately for him, the lady picked up a heavy stone from the ground and mistakenly hit harder at the head of the man who came in to protect her.

Checks by this portal found that the head of the victim has been bandaged all over and he is in severe pains.

Be vigilant when separating a fight.

Watch the disturbing video below.


SOURCE: Filasconews.com/2022

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