How long should you wait before another round of se_x?- Find out what research shows

How long should you wait before another round of se_x?- Find out what research shows

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We may agree to the fact that, the feeling of pleasure is something we wish was eternal.

We try our best to maintain the good feeling for as long as we can. In sports like basketball and football, timeouts are stringently clocked down to the second.

However, when it comes to intimacy, there are no rules for how long a timeout should last. And even better, there is no health risk to having back-to-back love sessions.

It all depends on what you and your partner want to do. Some partners may prefer to be “one and done” while others are up for an orgasmic marathon.

How long a guy should wait before having another round of intimacy is called “refractory period.”

The refractory period occurs right after sexual climax is reached. It refers to the time between an orgasm and when you feel ready to be sexually aroused again. It is also called the “resolution” stage.

How long the refractory period lasts depends on a variety of factors, with a salient one being age.

Science and research shows that, young men in their 20s may only require a few minutes before they can have another erection, while men in their 30s and 40s may need 30 to 60 minutes or longer.

It also varies from man to man, as well as the kind of sexual activity that led to orgasm.

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