The Authorities in charge for the construction and all the matters concerning the Ghana’s National Cathedral have released a Documentary for the project.

The Documentary covers and exhibits all the Architectural structure of the monument.

It captures all the elevations of the Cathedral which is under construction.

It also projects the activities and the functions of the Cathedral.

The documentary will also let you know the main purpose of the gargantuan project.

The National Cathedral was a promised from the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo during his 2016 campaign promise.

According to the President, he pledged to constructing a National Christian House for the Lord if he wins the election which he won.

Meanwhile, some citizens are are not in favour of the Cathedral and have kicked against it erection.

People based their arguments on the current hardship in the country as the world as well, therefore calling on the President to halt the construction and put the fund into the economy to make life better.

Others also believe building a National Cathedral is a good course which all must support.

Watch the Documentary of the Nation Cathedral Below.




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