Power cable thief electrocuted at Abura(PHOTOS)

Power cable thief electrocuted at Abura(PHOTOS)

A man believe to be in his twenties has been electrocuted at Abura ; the exact location is a house opposite Fiaseman Rural Bank near the lorry station.

According to information gathered on the scene, the man tried to cut the power cable connecting the aforementioned residence to the light pole, but was electrocuted instead.

Residents of the home said that the event is believed to have occurred today’s morning at approximately 1:00 am.

The assembly member for Abura Nkwantado and a unit committee member have these to say.

”Cable theft has been a prevalent occurrence in these neighborhoods recently. Unfortunately, this individual was unlucky and met an untimely end. I will advise all those engaging in this conduct to stop,” he said.

The assemblyman has contacted police unit for assistance in transporting the deceased to the mortuary.

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