Simple ways to ask your partner you want to have se_x

Simple ways to ask your partner you want to have se_x

Ask what kind of protection they prefer to use. Always practice safe sex, even if you and your partner have been screened and tested negative for STIs. If you don’t have protection on hand, say, “This is really hot, and as much as I hate to stop, we should cool things off until we have a condom/dental dam.”

Talking about safe sex doesn’t have to be a turn-off. For example, try asking what kind of condom feels best or if they like flavored or textured varieties.

Try to be positive when you bring up safe sex. Mention that using protection benefits both of you instead of phrasing it like you need to protect yourself from them.

Try to bring up sexual health before you get physical. Talking about STIs in the moment can ruin the mood, but it’s a necessary conversation. Ask your partner if they’ve been tested within the last 6 months, and inform them about your sexual health in advance.

It’s best to talk about sexual health when you and your partner are thinking clearly. You’re less likely to make informed decisions in the heat of the moment.

If you’re already fooling around and haven’t had the conversation, don’t feel bad about looking out for your health. If they’re sexually active and haven’t been tested recently, your best bet is to cool things off until they’ve been screened.

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