Kid Tied Up On Terrace In Heat For Not Doing Homework

Kid Tied Up On Terrace In Heat For Not Doing Homework

A 5-year-old child who did not do her homework was tied up on the terrace in the hot sun by her mother and left in the heat which shocked the world.

Summer is scorching hot in India this year. And it is burning so much that people in the capital Delhi are unable to show their heads outside. In this case, in this scorching sun, the incident of tying a 5-year-old child’s hands and feet and laying her on the terrace around 2 o’clock in the afternoon made many people angry with the parents. The child could not bear the heat and screamed, while the mother committed this cruelty.

A woman took this incident from a distance and posted it on social media. In the 25-minute-long video, the child’s screams leave viewers reeling. After the video went viral, many took to social media to urge the Delhi Police to take action against the concerned mother. After the investigation conducted by the police, it was found that this incident took place in the Hazuri area in Delhi.

It has also been found that the mother did this to the child because she did not do her homework. Subsequently, the Delhi Police registered a case in connection with the incident and traced the child’s family.

As the address of the abused child’s family is not complete, a special committee has been constituted and an investigation is underway. The police said on Twitter that appropriate action will be taken against the mother who molested the child.

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