“Most of the big churches are just Religious Museums – Rev. Boachie

“Most of the big churches are just Religious Museums – Rev. Boachie

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A Renowned Reverend Minister says most of the big churches with huge edifice are religious museums.

The Country Director for International Awesome Ministerial Council of Churches and Bible Colleges, Rev. Emmanuel Boachie has shockingly revealed that, a lot of the big church buildings in a country only serve as the Museums.

He revealed that it is not a good sign to see huge church structures in a country.

He said, it is a sign of a bad omen to that country.

Reverend was reacting to comments on the Building of the National Cathedral in Ghana by the Government.

Giving his submission on Omanbapa Morning Show on Silver FM today, Wednesday, July 6, 2022, Rev. Emmanuel Boachie told the host of the program, Nana Kwabena Ampratwum that, anytime you see big churches popping up in a particular country, it is a sign that, God is moving out from that nation.

He said, a lot of so called men of God are only interested in enormous church buildings and not interested in the true word of the Almighty.

“Anytime you see these huge Churches, it is a sign that God is leaving that country.

It only serve as Museums but not the house of the Lord”, Rev. Boachie added on the show monitored by

They will build the big churches, it will not serve the purpose of God but will rather used as Museums.



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