University Girls Hold Adult party with their Guys in their Hostel(VIDEO)

University Girls Hold Adult party with their Guys in their Hostel(VIDEO)

Children are being sent to school to learn in order to get a better future.

We go to school to study especially in the Tertiary institutions to help make our dream come true.

Without education, a country can’t even develop since education remains the backbone of every nation.

Parents and guidance toiled with their blood and sweats to push their wards to the tertiary level to learn and become what they want to become.

But, in a video circulating online and sighted by 4 University female students, went to the school and are doing the otherwise instead of studying.

What these four University Girls and their guys were doing in their hostel is out of place in school Ts&Cs.

They held a party with their male counterparts, got drunk and did the adult thing between themselves.

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Watch the initial part of the video below.



Due to the terms and conditions on, I can’t upload the part where they had se_x but you have the chance to watch it if only you want to.

CLICK HERE if you are interested to watching the se_x part of the show(FULL VIDEO)


Read more HERE


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