PIC: Zimbabwean Maid Steals From Boss While Smiling At CCTV Cameras

PIC: Zimbabwean Maid Steals From Boss While Smiling At CCTV Cameras

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Suspect wanted for theft because they have done a horrible misdeed by breaking into the home of an ordinary member of the public, and taking advantage of the whole situation so you can imagine this has spiraled out of control.

The suspect seemed to be smiling at the cameras without any care about the kind of problems that they were bring the person that she’s robbing, it is clear that the suspect has no remorse and has to be brought to justice.

Malvern police are appealing to residents to help trace a suspect who is wanted for theft, the suspect stole several things in the premises of someone who was not present at the time and she fled the scene it is unclear how many accomplices were working on that crimes scene.

The Malvern South African Police Services Officer, Sergeant Sthembile Kheswa said the female suspect is a Zimbabwean national. It is clear that the woman stole whatever she could get her hands on and fled the scene, now the owner of the property ants to find her so that she can pay for the crime that she has unfortunately committed.

The suspect is wanted for theft and there are only speculations about her possible whereabouts with many people not knowing what could have happened to her and that is why she has to be found, this deserves some serious investigations.

She was working for the complainant who was at work during the time of theft and it seems like the domestic worker was in a situation where she did everything in her power to steal, she was possible very interested in stealing the goods from the home.

She left the house in the morning with four big bags and took an Uber which dropped her off outside Jwayelani Butchery in Pinetown, and from there the authorities have no other way of tracing her whereabouts.

Residents who may have information regarding the case are encouraged to come forward and provide the necessary information that could be used by the police to ensure that the suspect is apprehended and punished accordingly, the public is tired if the criminal activities that are taking place.

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