Former manager of Andy accused of stealing

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Former manager of Andy accused of stealing

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ANDY Muridzo’s former manager and confidante, Onisimo Saini, has reportedly been taking money from his wife and using it to support the singer’s band.
He has also been pumping some of the money to impress his girlfriends at the expense of his family.

His family claims it is now on the verge of starvation.

The 30-year-old has been accused of neglecting his family by his wife, Gamuchirai Zvorwadza.

The pint-sized Saini stands accused of cohabiting with Linet Mutero, of Budiriro, at the expense of his family.

Gamu told H-Metro she has given Saini a red card to leave her rented house in Kuwadzana Extension.

“To be honest, arikuramba kurambwa but he has been failing to raise money even for family meals as well as failing in the bedroom,” said Gamu.

“Instead, he has been taking the money he is supposed to give to his family to impress Andy Muridzo by transporting his band members.

“They travelled to South Africa but returned with nothing only to find comfort in arms of female supporters.

“Pane anonzi Linet wekuBudiriro iyeye akandifonera achindiudza kuti Saini anaye kumba kwake akandiudza nezvaakapfeka mukati.

“Saini comes to take money from my business to support the band and his lovers.

“I confronted him about it and he assaulted me.

“My parents heard about this and came to pack my belongings.

“I left him in Westlea and he followed me here to be looked after as if he is a kid.

“I no longer have feelings for him and it is better to stay alone than live with an irresponsible husband for the sake of marriage.

“After all, he is yet to pay lobola chaanoda kuchengetwa chete achindibatsira chii, ngaabude mumba mangu,” said Gamu.

Linet told H-Metro Saini went away with her suitcase and money.

“He came to my house at midnight and left with my suitcase and money claiming he wanted to use it on a trip to Bulawayo with Andy Muridzo,” said Linet.

“I cannot support a man or Gamu’s husband saka ngavadzose suitcase yangu neUS$80 yandakamupa.

“I am aware that they have been quarrelling but I cannot entertain him anymore, since he is married, I do not want to fight with Gamu.”

Saini confirmed clashing with Gamu’s parents over their differences.

He admitted channelling part of Gamu’s business money to fund Andy Muridzo’s band trip to Marondera.

“Things have fallen apart in my marriage with Gamu,” said Saini.

“This is my third marriage and I have never trusted Gamu, that is why I have not paid lobola.

“I ended up taking her parents to the police for taking my property.

“It is true that she has been supporting me since I did not have enough as a coordinator of Andy Muridzo’s band.

I would seek assistance from Gamu since music does not always pay. I ended up sleeping over at Linet’s place in Budiriro after Gamu dumped me in town.

“Ikoko ndiko kwandakadzoka ndapfeka dzimwe hembe sezvo number dzaLinet ndaidziziva nemusoro ndikamufonera for help.

“As for her wanting me to move out of her house, I will think about it since I am the one who signed a lease agreement with the landlord.

“I am not sure if the people I clashed with are Gamu’s real relatives considering that she is a cheat and dealer with male friends based at Ximex Mall where she operates,” said Saini.

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