Why are you determined to send people to Hell? – Muslims asked

Why are you determined to send people to Hell? – Muslims asked

The leader of a new religious group called Islamic Pentecostal Movement, Apostle Kofi Manu has asked the Muslim Scholars that why are they determined to denied the Truth by wrongly interpreting the Quran to their followers and happily leading them to hell.

According the Apostle, no where in the Qur’an says Jesus never died rather there is a clear verse in Surah 19:33, that contain a statement by Jesus which is an exact words of John the Baptist in Surah 19:15.

This saying by Jesus has been wrongly interpreted to mean that Jesus will come again to die and it is now the believe of many Muslims, though one of the sects disagrees with the reason that, Jesus died a natural death at age hundred and twenty leaving behind a wife and children in India.

Indeed Apostle Paul made it clear in 1st Corinthian 15:13-14, (may be that could be the reason most Muslims hate Paul), that without the resurrection, the preaching and witnessing of Christ is a vanity.

All Muslims are motivated by a controversial verse in the Qur’an, Surah 4:157 and 22:37 to refute the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. therefore, by anxiety and determination to refute this undeniable Truth, has resorted to diverse opinions and assumptions with biblical verses.

Among them is the claim that Jesus fainted and went to India after recovering and married, gave birth and died at age hundred and twenty. Others claim that Simon was the one who was exchanged for Jesus, whereas another group believe and preach that it was Judas Iscariot who was exchanged with Jesus. Among them is a claim some made from the gospel of Bananas saying Jesus was taking through a window by Allah to help His escape.

Interestingly, the account of Barnabas completely contradicts the Ibn Kathir Tafsir’s account. Why will a Muslim go all these far to deny a bare TRUTH? Is it ignorance, hatred or by evil influence?

Surah 4:157 is only quoting what Jesus said in John 10:17-18, which says no one takes the life of Jesus but He willingly lay it down and has the power to take it again. So the entire Qur’an verse emphasized on the pronoun “They” not He, meaning they did not kill him though it was made to appear to them that their brutality did kill Him but they did not kill Him for a certain, so they cannot boast about it.

It is clear in Revelation that Jesus Christ who was the Lamb according to the testimony of John the Baptist (Surah 3:39) died and resurrected.

True Muslims must begin to reconsider the teachings of their scholars about Jesus Christ, for He is the Word of God and the SAVIOUR of the World.

Let’s desist from the ANTI CHRIST teachings and seek the Truth.

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