3 SA Top Stars To Die Soon- Popular Prophet

3 SA Top Stars To Die Soon- Popular Prophet

The South African entertainment industry should brace itself to mourn 3 of its soapie stars. This shocking bombshell was released by South African-based Zimbabwean self-proclaimed prophet Mellontik Orasi.

Prophet Mellontik Orasi has been making waves after it emerged that he “accurately predicted” veteran actor Jamie Bartlett’s death.

Prophet Mellontik released the latest bombshell regarding the SA entertainment industry on Wednesday.

The founder and Lead Pastor at Christ Redemption Ministries International church took to social media to share his latest prophecy.

According to the Zimbabwean prophet, the 3 soapies stars who will die shortly are two men and a woman.

Writing on Facebook, Prophet Mellontik said,

“South Africa entertainment

“The film industry soapies tv shows prayer.

“3 will shortly rest one after another.

“2 actors 1 actress.”

‘3 SA Soapie Stars To Die In Short Succession’- Zimbabwe Prophet Who Predicted Jamie Bartlett’s Death Drops Bombshell

Prophet Mellontik did not reveal further details on the identities of the 3 South African actors or how they are expected to die.

After making the prophecy about the imminent deaths of the 3 South African soapie stars, Prophet Mellontik did not stop there.

He also predicted the imminent death of one of Zimbabwe’s millionaires in a traffic accident. According to the prophet, the accident would occur on a road that connects Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Wrote Prophet Mellontik,

“I am not here to question the money of our Zimbabwe brothers but I am seeing a very expensive car at the left side of the road the driver declared dead.

“Another millionaire from Zimbabwe is resting.”

‘3 SA Soapie Stars To Die In Short Succession’- Zimbabwe Prophet Who Predicted Jamie Bartlett’s Death Drops Bombshell

In response to a question for more details on the identity of the millionaire who will die soon, Prophet Mellontik said,

Road connects Zimbabwe and South Africa.”

He reiterated the prophecy of the accident in another post.

“Another mbinga accident Zimbabwe.”

Mbinga means a wealthy person in Shona slang.

Last month, Prophet Mellontik predicted Jamie Bartlett’s death. Jamie Bartlett was popularly known for his role as the villainous David Genaro on Rhythm City.

Three days before the actor’s death, Prophet Mollentik predicted that a South African celebrity would die if he was not prayed for.

“When death comes knocking on a man’s door, they become unsettled, I am seeing this male celebrity in the South African arts industry dying shortly if prayer is not made,” Prophet Mellontik wrote.

Reaffirming his prophecy following Jamie Bartlett’s death, Prophet Mellontik sent his condolences.

He also slammed critics who accused him of being a fake prophet who was using Jamie Bartlett’s name to gain traction.


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