Shocking: How Atobra Man Butchered Pregnant woman and One other at Tepa Revealed(Gallons)

Shocking: How Atobra Man Butchered Pregnant woman and One other at Tepa Revealed(Gallons)

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It has been revealed that, the main reason behind the killing of a pregnant woman and sister at Tepa in the Ashanti Region by a man called Godfred was a scuffle over rubber ‘gallon’.

Residents of Atobra, a community near Tepa within the Ahafo Ano North Municipality of the Ashanti region, were thrown into a state of shock after a man, whose name was given as Godfred, butchered two women to death on Sunday.

According to residents in the area, the suspect had a misunderstanding with one Elijah, and in a failed attempt to meet him and attack him, he then killed Elijah’s wife and sister who he met in the house.

Narrating the incident to Citi News, the assembly member for the Tepa Zongo electoral area, Issah Mohammed, said the suspect then reported himself to the police shortly after he committed the act.

He added that the residents then besieged the police station and insisted that the suspect be released, so they could lynch him.

“Yesterday (Sunday) in the morning, Elijah was in the house and Godfred came and pick gallons from Elijah’s house to go and fetch water. The gallons belong to Elijah.

Elijah then insulted Godfred that he is a “fool”. Godfred replied that the insult was tantamount to a slap.”

“Godfred then slapped Elijah and that brought about the issue, and they were separated. When Elijah went to the farm, Godfred traced him there with a cutlass trying to kill him and Elijah run away.

So, Godfred came back home and then butchered the wife of Elijah and a sister of Elijah. He then reported himself to the police”.

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