VERY SAD: 6 unit Classroom Blocks left to rot as Students Study under Tree(Photos, Contact)

VERY SAD: 6 unit Classroom Blocks left to rot as Students Study under Tree(Photos, Contact)

Students of Twedie D/A JHS in the Atwima Kwanwoma district of the Ashanti Region are being compelled to study under trees as a six unit classroom block is yet to be furnished and commissioned.

The six-unit classroom block which is intended to host both form 1 A&B, form 2 A&B, and form 3 A&B has been abandoned for almost years now.

Owing to this fact, the structural integrity of the building that host form 1 A&B and form 2 A&B is now in question, as it is developing serious cracks and holes while form 3 A&B study under trees.

Meanwhile, its surroundings have been left bushy and serving as a host to reptiles and dangerous animals while students for whom the building was built for study in a dilapidated wooden structure and trees.

Hon Augustine Osei, Assembly member for the area expressed dismay with the abandoned project which is now on the roofing level.

According to him the building when fully furnished and commissioned will serve as a fulcrum of education for Twedie Community and its surrounding communities.

“We find it worrying that a school building which is 90 percent complete should be abandoned for years now by the Ghana Education Fund (GETFUND) for it to deteriorate as students are studying under trees. Whenever It rains, the school has to be closed” he added.

We are calling on the GETFUND to do the needful and commission the school for use, because this six-unit classroom block when in operation will not serve only Twedie Community but also it’s neighbouring communities.” He said.

Hon Augustine Osei then made a passionate appeal to the government and GETFUND as a matter of urgency pay the contractor to furnish the classrooms with the needed teaching and learning materials.


Call Hon Augustine Osei 0244406388


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Source: Akwadaa Nyame(SilverFM)

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