Shocking Video: How Armed Robbers Ambush Their Victim(VIDEO)

Shocking Video: How Arned Robbers Ambush Their Victim(VIDEO)

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The video I’m about to show is the new way robbers use to ambush their victims.

After watching the video, read the tips below to protect yourself from these robbers.

This is one of the commonest ways robbers break into homes. They ambush you at your entrance.


1. Light up your surrounding and have a clear, holistic view of your environment even when 200 meters away.

2. Clear overgrown weeds around your entrance. That could serve as a hiding spot.

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3. Be alert and look out for any strange person lurking around. If positive, do not enter, just drive pass until the coast is all clear.

4. Get an automated gate. The moment you arrive, you enter without having to wait for anyone to come open.

Note: Never get stubborn with robbers.

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Most are high on drugs and super irritable. Cooperate with them, your life matters most.

Watch Video Below


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CREDIT: Adib Saani-Jatikay Centre for Human Security and Peace

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