Woman Steals Babies, Lies To Hubby She Gave Birth At Vengere Clinic

Woman Steals Babies, Lies To Hubby She Gave Birth At Vengere Clinic

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A Rusape woman who could not conceive allegedly stole two babies from hospital in 2013 and 2015 respectively and brought them up as her own children until she was arrested nine years later on Monday.

Enita Marumani (48) of Madhibhu Village under Chief Chiduku in Rusape is being held by Police in Rusape over the matter.

Manicaland Provincial Police spokesperson Inspector Nobert Muzondo confirmed the case to Chipinge Times.
The first incident happened in 2013. Marumani allegedly lied to her husband Noel Gutu that she was pregnant and had given birth at Vengere Clinic in Rusape and she brought a baby boy home.

The second incident happened on June 2, 2015 when Marumani who had indicated that she was pregnant in 2014 brought in another baby boy.

The matter came to light when Marumani refused to go to Vengere Clinic to collect birth records so that birth certificates could be obtained for the boys.

Inspector Muzondo said during the interrogation, Marumani disclosed that she had stolen the two babies in Harare.

In the first incident, Marumani met an unidentified woman in 2013 by Harare Central Hospital gate and offered to assist her to carry her three months old baby boy as she was carrying a lot of luggage.

The woman agreed to have her carry the baby.

The two women boarded a commuter omnibus to Seke enroute to Chitungwiza. When they arrived, Marumani disappeared with the baby. Marumani took the baby to her husband Noel Gutu and told him she had given birth. They named the child Tawanda.

The second incident happened on June 2, 2015 when Marumani visited her relative in Glen View, Harare. She told her relative that she wanted to visit another relative in Waterfalls. While she was waiting for lifts, an unidentified vendor who was selling brooms asked Marumani to hold her six weeks baby by the name Joseph so that she fixes her brooms. Marumani disappeared with the baby.

She went back to her husband in Rusape and told her that she had given birth.

Marumani would always profess ignorance whenever Gutu asked about the birth records so that they can acquire birth certificates for the children. Gutu ended up reporting the matter to the police that his wife is refusing to collect birth records from Vengere Clinic.

Investigations were done at Vengere Clinic and there were no records found.
She then confessed that she had stolen the two boys in Harare in 2013 and 2015.
Marumani was arrested for kidnapping.
The two boys were taken to the social welfare as police are waiting to locate their biological parents.

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