Angry Maid Leaks Video With Madam’s Husband (VIDEO)

Angry Maid Leaks Video With Madam’s Husband (VIDEO)

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A furious house girl has leaked the video of her and her Madam’s Husband in the bedroom.

According a post by a Facebook user, Kendrick and sighted by Filasconews.com, the wife of the husband always insult the house girl, saying: ” You ugly girl, I will send you back to your village”.

Not knowing, his husband, had had s_ex with the ugly lady the wife always refers to.

Out of anger, the maid boldly revealed to the wife that, if she is ugly, she will leak a video of her and the Madam’s Husband to show that, his husband likes ugly ladies.

Like a play, the maid has released the video on her status# the ugly girl and the so called beautiful Madam’s Husband#.

Surprisingly, the day they were making the thing, the wife rang the bell of the door and the husband hurriedly send the girl out through backdoor and ended the video.

The girl’s phone was used to recording the video.

Since the release of the video, the maid has left the house.


CLICK HERE to watch the VIDEO

SOURCE: Filasconews.com/2022

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