AY3KA: Family To Sue Popular TV Station For Defamation And Falsehood Publication(50BN)-CONTATCT, VIDEO

AY3KA: Family To Sue Popular TV Station For Defamation And Falsehood Publication(50BN)-CONTATCT, VIDEO


We the Seniyoni Family at Biankure in the Upper East Region Intend Sueing PAPABI TV, 5million Ghana Cedis For Defamation

It has come to the notice of the Royal Family of Seniyone that, a Television station…”PAPABI” TV has published a story of an alleged murder case associated with the family chief, Larmong Abu.

In the said story aired on the television channel thwarting the chief(Larmong Abu’s) displayed photo including two young men standing side by side alleging to have murdered some boys in Accra.

The family want to state it clear that, we have been quelled on the matter, and it’s denigrating the family name call for punitive actions to be meted out to the whistleblowers.

The family, in this press statement, wish to state it vividly without mimicking words, in a well thoughtful conclusion by the chief and head of the royal family deems it a privilege to exercise its legitimate right to use the appropriate measures to protect, and preserve the integrity and image of the newly appointed chief.

However, having considered the damage and character defamation caused us, it will be necessary to seek redress in the superior court of justice.

Hence, the Seniyoni’s family and chief installed have lost public respect through the publication about how the television station put the entire family into a state of mockery…thus, the family is considering a damage cost of (5Million) Ghana cedis to enable the family, the chief, friends, working colleagues to re-write the damage cause them.

“This actions will only be applicable where by the television station fails to retract the ublicity they did against the family without cross-checking its authenticity”.


Through this unprofessional conduct of the media house and all Its associated body(s) that contributed to the defaming of the royal family name, we have to set the records as it deserves per the principles of justice require, direct that; the television station should use the same medium to denounce that their earlier publication connecting to Sinnyoni family chief was not true and apologized on all media platforms or whatsoever medium they circulated falsehood.

The family, however, regrets to state unequivocally that the said news associated with the chief was uncalled for and a calculated attempt by some faceless people close to the family to strew such disgusting allegations in their quest to taint the image of the newly appointed chief.

” Silence does not mean weakness”. However, we are giving the television station seven(7) working days to retract the story and delete same from all social media platforms this story might have been circulated else, the court will be our final decision point.

Sinnyoni Family Spokesperson

Seidu Sinniyon

Contact: 0555942494


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