K_iller arrested after 12 years on the run for Murdering Brother

K_iller arrested after 12 years on the run for Murdering Brother

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A MUREWA man, who was on the run for 12 years after he brutally assaulted his brother to death, has been jailed for three years.

Farai Matumbi, 50, committed the offence sometime in 2008.

He was furious that his brother Naboth Matumbi had insulted their mother while drunk.

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The incident took place in Chitongo Village, Murewa.

Farai left the country shortly after his brother’s death, claiming his bosses at a trucking business in South Africa, had called him.

Farai pleaded not guilty and entered a limited plea of culpable homicide.

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After a full trial at the High Court, Farai has now been found guilty of culpable homicide.

In his evidence-in-chief, Farai had claimed that his brother had insulted their mother and siblings, while he was in a drunken state.

The two got into a nasty fight the following morning with the deceased picking up a spear and trying to attack his family.

Farai managed to disarm the deceased but in turn picked up firewood which he used to assault the deceased all over his body.

The deceased sustained injuries and bled from his nose and mouth and eventually died on the same day.

Farai claimed he acted in self-defence and had no intention of killing his brother.

The State called nine witnesses, including the doctor who conducted a post-mortem, who said the injuries sustained by the deceased during the fight, did not contribute to his death.

The State accepted the limited plea.

“Accordingly, Farai is found guilty of culpable homicide. The accused is found guilty of a serious offence.

“It is clear that the accused, as per his admission, assaulted the deceased at the back with a piece of firewood, which evidence is consistent with the injuries.

“It is clear that he never handed himself in to the police, only to be arrested 12 years later.

“He never suffered significant pre-trial incarceration as he was released on bail in March 2021.

“Whilst the court observes that the accused’s intention was to discipline his brother, he clearly went overboard hence the mother’s cries that it was better to kill her.

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“However, a short sharp custodial sentence is appropriate,” reads a High Court ruling.

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