Man Kills Brother In Cold Blood At Drinking Spot

Man Kills Brother In Cold Blood At Drinking Spot

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A Silobela man allegedly murdered his brother in cold blood, on allegations of abusing his son, before he vanished from their village.

Vengai Chatikobo (37) killed his brother, Martin, at their father’s homestead in Mugwidi Village under Chief Ruya.

Midlands police spokesperson, Emmanuel Mahoko, said the misunderstanding arose while the two were drinking beer.

“The two were drinking beer when Martin started accusing Chatikobo of abusing his son during his absence. A misunderstanding arose between them and the suspect left for his homestead,” said Mahoko.

Mahoko said Chatikobo returned, armed with a sharp object, which he used to assault his brother until he became unconscious.

Chatikobo was restrained by a villager and he fled from the scene upon realising he had seriously injured his brother.

Martin died before he could get medical assistance.

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