Akuffo Addo Will Be In Trouble If He Influences Bawumia’s Presidential Ambition In The Npp – Popular Apostle

Akuffo Addo Will Be In Trouble If He Influences Bawumia’s Presidential Ambition In The Npp – Popular Apostle

The founder and leader of the Soldiers of Christ Prayer Group of All Churches located at Kronum Aboahyia in the Ashanti Region, Apostle Dr Dirl Airl King Marshal has alleged that President Nana Akuffo Addo may stand the risk to jeopardize the image of his family if he makes any attempts to impose his Vice President Dr Alhaji Bawumia to become the next presidential candidate for the party, and then proceed to struggle for power in the ,2024 general elections.

Speaking to the Correspondent, King Amoah in an interview in Kumasi, Apostle Dr Dirl Airl King Marshal observed that Dr Bawumia is no more popular with Ghanaians as the President has been wrongfully use to think.

Moreover the 2024 will not be an appropriate year for the Vice President to become either the presidential candidate for the Npp or the next president of the country.

According to King Marshal such message was revealed to him by God Almighty as a prophecy to make it known to Nana Addo to stay away from Bawumia’s presidential ambition, if he Nana Addo has any intentions to do so in the Npp.

If the president move any step to impose Bawumia, then he would risk endanger the dignity of his whole family members be it on the side of his father, mother, wife or his children, the clergy hinted.

Stressing, the results would be that none of his family member should dream of becoming a leading member of the Npp or president of the country even if they form their own political party.

But the same God can lift the ban in His own wisdom through him the Prophet (King Marshal.

If Akuffo Addo tries to impose Bawumia to succeed in his presidential ambition his (Bawumia) government would be short lived and cannot rule even up to four years before he would be overthrown, the Apostle alleged.

The man of God referred the President to the era of the late President Mills where he prophesied that he would not served his full term of office and that of the former President Mahama’s humiliation in elections after serving for a period of four years.

Going forward the man of God urged the president to remember the prophecy he gave to him about how he would become a the next president after former President Kuffour in Kumasi and the next person who will take over after his (Nana Addo) exit from office.

The clergy noted that all the current prophecies focus attention on Allan Kwadwo Kyeremanteng the Minister of Trade as the next president, and therefore called on the Npp delegates to vote massively for Allan Cash to become the flag bearer of the Npp when time is up to enable Ghanaians vote him into power to solve their problems.

Mark my words Allan Kyeremanteng is coming like a fire to save the country, since whatever God has approved no man can change it, Apostle Dr Dirl Airl King Marshal concluded.


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