Gov’t Vehicles Snatched At Gunpoint

Gov’t Vehicles Snatched At Gunpoint

Tamale: Government vehicle snatched at Gunpoint by armed robbers

A government car was seized at gunpoint in a town in the Northern Region capital, Tamale, by suspected armed thieves.

The vehicle, a pickup truck belonging to the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA), was reportedly robbed after its two occupants were forced out in Jisonayili, a hamlet in Sagnarigu District.

One of the two persons who ambushed the passengers of the vehicle broke into the vehicle through one of the doors and forced the passengers out under duress.

The bandits instantly altered the number plates and drove the vehicle away. The man who feigned to fall off his bike apparently got into the car with his coworkers.

According to the article, the Northern Regional Police Command has already begun an inquiry.

All highway enforcement units have been notified, and the region’s exits have been closed, according to Regional Crime Officer Superintendent Bernard Baba Ananga.

“There was a robbery that was reported around 1 am when a Toyota Hilux Pickup with registration number GH 6207-20 belonging to the Ghana Highway Authority was snatched from the driver at gunpoint,”he said.

He also stated that a manhunt has been initiated for the alleged criminals, who are most likely members of a car-snatching ring.

“We believe most of them are coming from since locations and going round taking vehicles like that because our high ways have been inundated with police officers, especially at night and so we see that they are not seeing their way clearly,”the crime officer said.

Car theft on the highways is not uncommon in this area. Tamale police detained a guy in military uniform and five others in January this year for allegedly stealing cars from civilians in the community.

On the Buipe Highway in Tamale, the man in the military uniform allegedly assists the other five suspects in stealing cars from citizens.

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