Mother of 3 caught sleeping with her Husband’s Best Friend

Mother of 3 caught sleeping with her Husband’s Best Friend

Man got the shock of his life recently when he found out that his friend was having an affair with his wife.
Tonderai Chipembere (34) discovered that his wife, Eunice Mutibwa (24), was cheating with his close friend, David Nyabasa.

Ironically, Chipembere has spent the last five years trying to make sure his marriage works out.

He has been battling to repair the bond which was shaken in 2017 when he caught his wife cheating with another man.

Two weeks ago, he then discovered that Eunice was having an affair with Nyabasa.

“I am disappointed that my friend David cheated with my wife who I have three children with.

“Recently, I was arrested before being made to pay US$60 for property which I destroyed after I discovered her love messages with another man.

“Although David knows this issue about my wife having another boyfriend, whom we identified as Musarurwa Zvemweya, he still had the guts to have a relationship with her.

“In some of his messages, he was commenting that my wife is sweet in bed and he needed to give her money, maybe for sexual services,” he said.

Chipembere feels his wife has completely lost the plot.

“My wife has been denying me my conjugal rights.

“I believe she was being satisfied by David or other people.

“This is now the third time discovering that she is cheating on me.

“In 2017, I caught my wife, but I failed to prove it because she deleted the messages, I am tired of this rubbish.

“I tried to make a police report, but I was advised to follow the customary way of informing my in-laws about this issue .

“However, I have since moved out of the house, I also fear that she can even frame me.”

He claims his wife even boasted of having many boyfriends.

“My wife insisted that she wanted to go to town without disclosing the purpose of her journey.

“So, I assigned my sister to accompany her, I knew that David wanted to have some good time with her since I had received leaked messages from his wife.

“My sister monitored every movement but she did not even know about David. Later on David called me saying that he was in town and that there were transport problems.

“He also said, he had seen my wife and my sister before promising to give them a lift,” he said.

“David did not know that I was in possession of messages, which exposed their intention to meet up.”

Eunice responded: “I know David as my husband’s friend, I cannot be that silly to go and see my boyfriend with my husband’s sister.

“I just accompanied my husband’s sister who wanted to buy her bag in town and that is when David offered us a lift.

“In fact, Tonderai is the one who cheated on me during Easter holiday with another girl.

“His actions are emanating from that issue, I don’t know what he is up to.

“The girl’s relatives came to my place begging for forgiveness,” she said.

Chipembere’s sister, Nomatter (17) gave her side of the story.

“I accompanied Eunice and we saw a man whom she introduced to me as a family friend whilst at Market Square.

“He was a Good Samaritan who offered to buy me Chicken Inn and they wanted me to eat, while they were having a private talk.

“I cannot comment further, my brother should act as a man, you might think it’s a film but you will see them together maybe that’s love or juju,” she said.

Contacted for comment Nyabasa said: “I know Eunice, but I tried to counsel my friend when he destroyed property after noticing some love messages from an unknown male’s number.

“I even accompanied him to a local prophet, where he wanted to get rukawo for his wife, and we were given mbiya yatakanokanda pamharadzano saka ndingapindewo ipapa here nhai mukoma?

“He even caught mukadzi wake red-handed and everything is okay at home.

“You think mukadzi here iyeye ndakamuona achimwa doro?” he said.

Nyabasa’s wife, Sharmaine Sigauke, said: “I am greatly pained, last year, David paid me mombe after I caught him cheating with his friend’s wife.

“Kumusha kungazare nemombe dzekuhurirwa here? I even cut my hair unwillingly as I was forced to attend Masowe.

“I followed his orders since I love him but yaaa andirwadzisa, I am now thinking of leaving him adanane hake nemukadzi weshamwari yake.

“I saw the messages and forwarded them to Tonderai.

“Tonderai’s wife’s number was saved as Tonde aiwa ndazvitadza baba ava havana matyira kana kushamwari yavo.”

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