Politician Flees DNA Test

Politician Flees DNA Test

THE drama between veteran sungura musician-cum-politician, Hosiah Chipanga and a controversial Zimdancehall chanter Lancelot Chibwana, who claims to be the illegitimate son of the former is far from ending.Lancelot alleges that he had successfully convinced Chipanga to undergo Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) test after he initially refused last year.

He claims the “Kwachu Kwachu” singer’s only condition was that he (Lancelot) should meet all the expenses.

Now, Lancelot told The Sunday Mail Society that he has since managed to raise the required money but Chipanga was chickening out, ‘once again’.

“I’m worried about his approach. My father (Chipanga) had finally agreed, last year, to undergo DNA tests but he is once again refusing to comply. I managed to raise all the money required as he suggested,” revealed Lancelot.

He added that Chipanga probably did not think that he had the capacity to meet the costs.

Speaking in an interview, the revered singer said he was reluctant to take the tests for several reasons.

“DNA tests can be manipulated and they often favour the confronter,” noted Chipanga.

“I’m not going to be tempted to go for DNA tests no matter what. Lancelot is an attention seeker who wants to gain cheap mileage by dragging my name into the mud.

“Maybe I should repeat this again, I’m not going to accept him as my son because I know the whole truth and don’t need any tests to confirm anything for me.”

In 2005, Lancelot briefly stayed with Chipanga at his home in Dangamvura, Mutare.

When Chipanga moved to Harare, he took Lancelot and incorporated him into his band and they worked together for close to five years.

However, the two have since 2010 had a cat-and-mouse relationship.

Two or so years back, they clashed after Lancelot tried to swindle Chipanga by attempting to change the ownership of the latter’s house into his name.

The property is in Southlea Park, Harare.

Chipanga said he was forced by his relatives to welcome Lancelot when he first visited him in search of his paternal relatives.

“Of course, I stayed and worked with him. However, he is not my son. Besides, he used to behave weirdly when I was with him which traditionally is a sign that he is not my blood.

“At first I booted him out of the band after he fell in love with one of my group members. Also, he used to steal our gate-takings during live shows,” said Chipanga.

Lancelot is not throwing in the towel.

“I’m not concerned about material benefits. I just want to know my true identity. It will not only help me but my kids as well. I know for a fact that I’m not Chibwana.

That is my mother’s surname. I’m kindly pleading with him to cooperate so that we clear this issue,” added Lancelot.

“I’m tired of Lancelot’s antics. If he continues, I’m going to sue him because he is violating my right to peace of mind and also damaging my reputation,” countered Chipanga.

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