I Slept with my Mother and Sisters for Riches for 14 Years- Repented Business Man

I Slept with my Mother and Sisters for Riches for 14 Years- Repented Business Man

THE relationship between mother and son can be an unbreakable bond and the love between the two is incomparable, but it has its limits.

However, one man has crossed the line that separates a normal family from a taboo one as he opened up that for the past 14 years he has been sleeping with his mother and four sisters, a ritual practice that is required for him to get rich and to stay rich.

Gwanda businessman (name supplied) revealed to Madzibaba Emmanuel Mutumwa of Johane Masowe eChishanhu in Bulawayo’s Selborne Park suburb that lately his conscience has been eating him up for having incestuous relationships with his mother and sisters.

His Damascus moment came after he developed priapism, a persistent, often painful erection that lasts for more than four hours.

The man has had his erection for close to two months now.

Doctors failed to fix his disorder. He has been given medication but it has not helped.

He even went to South Africa for aspiration decompression, a procedure in which excess blood is drained from the penis using a small needle and syringe. As part of the procedure, his penis was flushed with a saline solution. This treatment often relieves pain, removes oxygen-poor blood and might stop the erection. This treatment is repeated until the erection ends.

It didn’t work for him.

The doctors told him that the only solution that could work was surgery but he chose not to go down that road as one of the possible side effects is a weak erection.

He came back home and sought divine intervention.

Last Wednesday, Madzibaba Mutumwa prayed for him and healed him.

“He came to me and told me about his problem. I prayed for him and managed to help him overcome his problem. I also told him to stop sleeping with his mother and sisters and he is aware that it means all the riches he acquired through his strange rituals will vanish. He is prepared for that.

“I also prophesied him and told him that his sisters are not yet married because the evil spirit that he had impressed was also their spiritual husband. He slept with them physically but it also slept with him in the realm of the spirit. He admitted that they always dream sleeping with other men. That is how a spiritual husband works,” said prophet Mutumwa.

In an interview, the man said he does not intentionally sleep with his mother and sisters — but a spirit puts him in a trance. He only becomes conscious after the deed is done.

“I don’t know what happens and my mother and sister tell me that they fall into a deep sleep and only wake up after. It’s like my body will have been taken over by a spirit. All I know is that when I wake up, I will be naked on top of my mother or one of my sisters. This has troubled me for years now,” he said on condition of anonymity.

The man said his troubles started after he visited an inyanga in Binga who gave him muthi to get rich quickly.

“I regret what I did and I advise people to avoid using muthi because it never ends well. This muthi has been making me sleep with my own mother and sisters and it has made me contemplate suicide many times.

“But I am grateful that prophet Mutumwa has saved my life and that of my mother and sisters by destroying the muthi. He came to my house in Gwanda and exorcised the demon,” said the man.

His mother and sisters refused to comment.

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