“I Paid A Man To Impregnate Me Because Of My Disability”- The Story Of KATE

“I Paid A Man To Impregnate Me Because Of My Disability”- The Story Of KATE

Katherine is a woman whose parents were killed in front of her, narrates her sad story.

Kate was just 10 when thieves broke into their house and killed her parents and siblings in front of her.

They spared her by cutting off her hands and legs and stabbing her in the face and in the eyes. She passed out while they thought she was dead.

She was taken to the hospital after she woke up. She didn’t remember anything. She was discharged. Upon arriving home, her house was already rented.

Her neighbor took her in as a maid. She did all the house chores and cooking till she turned 14 and decided to look for a job. She worked as a maid for several years.

Kate stated that no man had ever approached her or asked her out. She liked children and wanted to have her own family. She was eager to have a child.

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She approached a man to impregnate her. The man charged her money, which was all her life time savings. She paid the man who, in return, impregnated her and disappeared.

Kate said men hate her because of her appearance. Even when she approaches them by herself for a relationship, they will insult her and refer to her as a thing.

She claimed she had no choice but to pay a man all her 24-year life savings to get her pregnant. She claimed men rejected her because of her disability.

Kate gave birth to a baby girl. She’s starting to live all over again as things are very hard for her after paying the man that impregnated her.


She said her daughter comes first and she will work hard to send her to school even if she has to work 24 hours every day. She’s pleading with her well-wishers to come to her aid.

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