Christian Council shall be a Disappointment to the Ministry of Christ if they join Archbishop Akwesi Asare Bediako in Western Region – Kofi Manu

Christian Council shall be a Disappointment to the Ministry of Christ if they join Archbishop Akwesi Asare Bediako in Western Region – Kofi Manu

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The former Regional Administrator of REPLIB and 2016 Parliamentary Candidate for Assin North, Mr. Isaac Manu, has informed the Christian Council Branch in the Western Region not to compromise with evil and become a disappointment to the Ministry of Christ.

He said this in reference to the Takoradi Replib Chop Chop Issue which it’s propagation has caused many lives economically miserable.

Mr. Isaac Manu, at the heat of the matter in 2018, went to the Leader of the Christian Council in the Region and petitioned him with the issue but nothing was done about it.

I wish to humbly inform the Council that this Archbishop has made many lives miserable, and has scattered many sheep with his carnality.

The work of the ministry is not for fun but a real heartbeat career of Christ, the ArchBishop must gather the people he has scattered to prove to the church that he will not come back a year’s time after the crusade to scatter the very innocent souls that God will add to the Church and to leave them with bitterness in their heart against the Gospel.

How can a whole Christian Council collaborate with such a Leader to mount a stage to win souls? How will the scattered innocent souls see you? How will the resigned Pastors see you? This is a Leader whose seeming arrogance has blind folded him to the extend that he does not listen to any advice, he has surrounded himself with praise singers and people he can manipulate. I believe the hallmark of godly leader is humility which is evidence in one’s ability to listen to Godly advice.

I want to ask the ArchBishop, is he ashamed or uncomfortable to be identified with Resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministries? Is it because the Ministry growth under his leadership cannot be compared with other Ministries which came late to REPLIB? Is it because he has not been able to complete the Church’s Headquarters at Santase (which started over 30 years ago) as planned to be named after the founder the Late Sofo Amoako?

I want to tell the members of Resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministries that they shouldn’t sit unconcerned as if everything is well, they should rise up and put the ministry in order because the Ministry cannot be misled by the ArchBishop. Perhaps he is among those who believe the damage they caused will be forgotten after forty (40 )days.

For the purpose of the Church is not to scatter but to gather.

I know for sure that I will be attacked for standing for the Truth. But I am not afraid because the one behind me is all powerful to expose every evil plan that shall be taken on my behalf.

I am sent for the uplift of the Ministry and no amount of intimidation, harassment and attacks will stop me from the good work set before me.

The Archbishop must first gather those he has scattered.

Isaac Manu

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