AKROPONG: Gold Dealer Murdered In His Car(PHOTOS)

AKROPONG: Gold Dealer Murdered In His Car(PHOTOS)

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A young man who has been identified as Paa Kwesi was murdered in the Western Region of Ghana in a town called Wassa Akropong.

Wassa Akropong is a town located at Wassa Amenfi Municipality. It was known that, Paa Kwesi died at the age of 36 and he was found dead in his own car. Paa Kwesi was a Gold Dealer in Wassa Akropong and he is very popular.

The news further indicated that, Paa Kwesi bought a new car few months ago.

“I was in the house and I heard a sound of a gun shot. I quickly run to look at what is happening at Paa Kwesi’s house. I was Six big men in black outfit with face masks which made it impossible to recognized them.

The men told me to get inside else they will kill me just as they have killed Paa Kwesi.

I was afraid and a rushed into the room and I can heard the footsteps of the six men running into the bush”. – Eyewitness Narrate On Angel TV.

The police officers in Wassa Amenfi municipality were invited to the scene. They have deposited Paa Kwesi’s corpse at the morgue in other to carry out investigations.

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Credit: Angeltv

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