My Wife Cheated With Five Different Men- Man Reveals His Insomnia In Court

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My Wife Cheated With Five Different Men- Man Reveals His Insomnia In Court

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A woman from Bulawayo deserted her matrimonial home after her husband discovered that she was allegedly cheating on him with five different men.
Prechet Sibanda from Cowdray Park suburb deserted her husband Promise Khumalo and their three children to stay with her sister at Kensington plots on the outskirts of Bulawayo.

A heartbroken Khumalo revealed his marital storm at the Bulawayo Civil Court where his wife of 13 years was seeking a protection order against him claiming he was abusing her.

Khumalo disputed the abuse claims saying her application for a protection order was a ploy to stop him from confronting her over her unsavoury shenanigans.

This was also after his estranged wife accused him of threatening to kill her together with their three children.

“I am seeking a protection order against my husband.

It has been three weeks since I left him to stay with my sister in Kensington. He was not treating me well.

He was always saying the children are not his.

“I am self-employed and my work involves dealing with different people.

If he sees me with a male client, he insults me while also threatening to kill me and poison our children.

He also harasses people I work with saying I am having an affair with them,” said Sibanda.

In response, Khumalo refuted his estranged wife’s claims.

He disclosed that he could not bear the fact that his wife who was cheating on him ran away when he confronted her over her shenanigans.

“I am not opposed to her application for a protection order. I had been staying peacefully with my wife until she was ill-influenced by one of her friends.

She would go to Harare to buy her wares for resale and also sleep at church for three days.

“She would also spend a week away from home claiming she would be selling her wares.

Each time I confronted her asking why she was doing that she would become angry and start accusing me of harassing her.

It’s not that I was harassing her but I was reprimanding her since we have children together,” lamented Khumalo.

He said his wife deserted him together with the children after he stumbled on a string of “love” messages which she was exchanging with different men in her phone.

“It happened that I stumbled on ‘love’ messages in her phone and when I asked about those messages, she started accusing me of threatening her.

When I confronted another man, who was also sending those messages to her, she initially claimed the man was one of her clients who was also selling her firewood.

But when I confronted him, he didn’t dispute that he was seeing my wife.

“I was treating that man as a brother not knowing that he was after destroying my marriage.

After confronting him that is when I also discovered that my wife was having an affair with four other men.

“This is the reason why she is applying for a protection order so that she can freely do her mischief without being confronted. I accepted the situation as it is.

When she left, she didn’t even bid me farewell and I am the one who is currently staying with the children,” said a devastated Khumalo.

Sibanda denied her estranged husband’s claims but her prayers for a protection order were in vain after presiding magistrate Nomasiko Ndlovu dismissed her application for lack of merit. B Metro

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